2018 Employee Benefit Trends Study

Chapter 3
Introducing the
human workplace

What employees want is a human workplace. This is a workplace that sees employees as whole, complete people with experiences at work and at home that combine to make a meaningful life. Through the human workplace, employees have access to the experiences that lead to higher job satisfaction and better performance. Further, employees feel valued, respected and encouraged. In the human workplace, employees improve everything from NPS scores to Glassdoor and Indeed reviews.

To create a human workplace, employers need to create moments of truth that enable more enriching experiences—distinctive moments crafted to acknowledge, support and celebrate employees. This isn't a "nice job" comment, in passing, at the cafeteria. These are intentional opportunities to display commitment to an employee's individuality and humanity that are woven into the DNA of an organization.

Build moments for personal and professional recognition

Employees spend almost half their waking hours at work. Even if it's a career they love, that's a lot of time. Throughout all those hours, it takes significant mental and emotional energy to stay productive, motivated and engaged—and that energy needs to be restored. Moments of recognition – on a birthday or work anniversary, for example – can go a long way to keep employees going strong.

Create moments that build trust

Most employees today trust their employers. However, more than 1/3 of employees are still lacking trust and confidence in the people that lead their organizations.

Creating intentional moments that display trust builds trust.

Yet, trust is multifaceted and doesn't simply refer to the integrity of an individual at the top.

Foster moments of work-life enrichment

A proper separation between work and life has been dying for years. Employees don't seek a simple balance of work and life but, rather, enriching experience across both—an integration that allows for fluidity at work, home and everywhere in between. This enriched experience can help in some of the most human moments we know: child care, bereavement or elder care.

However, there's work to be done in aligning employees and employers on their attitudes about an enriching work and life.

Provide moments of choice and flexibility

Outside the workplace, employees have choices in nearly everything they do.

So, when faced with rigid systems and processes, these workers have come to know that there's always more than one way to do something.

Ensuring that employees have choice in how they work is crucial to their decision as to where they work.

Chapter 3

Creating a more human workplace is about creating moments of humanity. These moments are intentional and meaningful.

A more human workplace is full of moments that matter.

Moments of truth are the foundation for building a more human experience at work

They recognize
They build trust
They foster work-life enrichment
They provide flexibility

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There an opportunity to help employees feel more appreciated and empowered across the workforce

Employees don't always feel recognized as whole people and appreciated for their personal traits

My employer encourages me to be myself
Employees are less likely to feel that both personal and professional growth are valued

I can achieve both my professional and personal goals at my current company
Employees want to trust the people leading the organization and know that their employer will act ethically

Trust is also about feeling valued in an organization

I feel valued and significant to my company
I believe that my employer is loyal to me

For many employees, the right work-life interaction is key to their success

What do you feel like you need to successfully navigate and thrive in the workplace today?
Balance between work and life
2nd behind "hard work"
The right fusion of work and life creates better employees

Employers have the power to help employees better fuse work and life

Enabling remote work also builds trust

Being able to work from home makes me feel my employer trusts me
Having space from your team occasionally may be better for everyone

Those who work remotely 1 day a week are most likely to say their coworkers feel like family
Work remote 1 day/week
Understanding that schedules are unpredictable acknowledges employees' humanity

Which benefits would you like your employer to offer to help you balance your responsibilities at home and at work?
Flexible work schedules
Enabling employees to work from home creates a better work-life fusion

The flexibility to work from home is important to my work-life balance

Among those whose job does not require being on-site/on the road

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