2018 Employee Benefit Trends Study

Chapter 5
Answering the
needs of tomorrow

A more empowered employee means that they can demand more human workplaces. By creating moments of truth and developing intentional experiences that recognize employees' humanity, everyone wins. Employees feel more satisfied, grow more committed to the success of the organization and become promoters themselves while employers benefit from a more engaged and productive workforce.

Shifting mindsets, embracing a more human culture and providing tangible benefits and programs, allow today's employers to meet the demands of tomorrow.

How can you create tangible moments of truth in your organization?

Consider your business and your workplace culture to know what will work for you. However, there are a few things you can do to get the ball rolling.

Regardless of your exact methods for creating moments of truth, keep in mind that employees are looking for experiences that are human and engaging.

The more authentic, the better. And the more you can bring in the perspectives of your employees, the more successful.

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How can you encourage employees to bring their passions and interests into the workplace?
How can your organization celebrate the achievements of teams more often?
What programs and practices can build trust among your teams?
How can your organization communicate your understanding of the need for enriched work and life experiences?
Are there ways to embed more flexible schedules into your organization?