Employee Benefit Trends Study

Creating a Better Workplace

Chile Employee Benefit Trends Study 2018

Thriving in the New Work-Life World

MetLife's 17th Annual US Employee Benefit Trends Study 2019

Creating a Better Workplace

Brazil Employee Benefit Trends Study 2018

Creating a Better Workplace

Mexico Employee Benefit Trends Study 2018

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Experience a More Human Workplace

16th Annual Benefit Trends Study

The Millennial Benefits Perspective

Turning Stereotypes Around

Power of benefits around EMEA

Navigate through unusual economic and political uncertainty

A global impact

Discover employee benefit trends from key markets around the globe

Creating a better workplace

Our multi-market study in LatAm reveals strategies employers can use to address the holistic needs of their diverse workforce that can help create a better workplace.

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More than half of employees feel their work shapes their identity?

Additional Insights

MetLife's 17th Annual US Employee Benefit Trends Study 2019

In the changing world of work, one thing remains constant. For organizations to thrive, employees must thrive too.

MetLife's Brazil Employee Benefit Trends Study 2018

Brazil's employment landscape is changing. While driving productivity continues to be a key priority for employers, our study shows that there is a real appetite among employers to build better workplaces that cater to their employees' diverse needs through an optimized benefits strategy.

Why Broker Expertise Matters Now More than Ever

The changing workplace is elevating the role of brokers.

Public Sector Employees Want Individualized and Holistic Benefits Programs

As the competition for top talent increases, public sector employers can stay competitive by giving employees the choice of benefits they’re seeking.

MetLife's Mexico Employee Benefit Trends Study 2018

As growth strengthens in Mexico, employers would need to work harder to address the unmet needs of their multigenerational workforce and help them gain a vital sense of stability in their health, financial security and ability to balance home and work life.

MetLife's 16th Annual Employee Benefit Trends Study 2018

In today's connected world, work and life overlap like never before — one is a constant part of the other. We live in a world where personal lives can be enriched by work, and work enriched by one's passions and experiences.

Video series: Benefits can help small businesses stand out

Exceeding employee expectations can turn a benefits offering into a driving force behind attracting and retaining employees.

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