Employee Benefit Trends Study

Creating a Better Workplace

Mexico Employee Benefit Trends Study 2018

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Experience a More Human Workplace

16th Annual Benefit Trends Study

The Millennial Benefits Perspective

Turning Stereotypes Around

Power of benefits around EMEA

Navigate through unusual economic and political uncertainty

A global impact

Discover employee benefit trends from key markets around the globe

Creating a better workplace

Our study shows how addressing the unmet needs of a multi-generational workforce in Mexico can create a better workplace.

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Did You Know?

More than half of employees feel their work shapes their identity?

Additional Insights

16th Annual Benefit Trends Study

In today's connected world, work and life overlap like never before — one is a constant part of the other.

We live in a world where personal lives can be enriched by work, and work enriched by one's passions and experiences.

Work Redefined
15th Annual Benefit Trends Study

Highlights the demographic shifts that are disrupting the workplace and redefining employees' workplace expectations.

A New Age of Benefits Engagement

How the workforce's expectations are changing — and what employers can proactively do to meet them.

Get the Value from Benefits you Really Want

Discover how enrollment and communication firms drive long-term value, improve engagement and streamline administration.

Benefits can help small businesses stand out

Exceeding employee expectations can turn a benefits offering into a driving force behind attracting and retaining employees.

Going beyond by looking ahead

Brokers’ and consultants’ role amidst evolving benefits landscape.

IHPM/MetLife report "Global Workplace Wellness..."

Identifies trends and solutions from the expanding worldwide workplace wellness movement.

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