2018 Employee Benefit Trends Study

Chapter 2
Bridging the gap

With a more empowered employee comes increased confusion – on both sides. Employers and employees struggle to shape a work experience that benefits them both, and few have found lasting success. Employees and employers are misaligned in their perceptions of what makes a great work experience; as a result, investments aren't seeing returns, and turnover remains high. Employees crave experiences that feel more human and engaging and that enrich their lives as a whole.

Employees today need experiences that will develop their professional skills, challenge them personally, connect them to something bigger and provide an enriching work and life reality. But there's a gap between what employees need and what they're getting. To bridge the gap, employers and HR decision makers need to connect more deeply with employees. In doing so, employers can proactively create enriching experiences that honor employees as whole people.

Employers and employees see the workplace experience differently

Not just in their perceptions of the larger picture of work but also in their current experiences. In the day-to-day workplace environment, employees are less confident than employers in some basic areas.

Enrichment in the workplace is inseparable from enrichment in the rest of life

Employees are more committed to companies that simultaneously enable enrichment in both work and life.

Chapter 2

While the difference between many perceptions may not be staggering, the implications for the misalignment are serious. Employees who feel less confident that they have the skills they need to succeed or the ability to fuse work and life, and feel that their best interest isn’t a top priority, will be driven to seek a workplace that better suits their needs. Employers need to take these perception gaps seriously or stand to lose the talent they so urgently need.

Employees crave experiences that feel more human and engaging and that enrich their lives as a whole.

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Employees are seeking more support from their employers to help them succeed

While employers are overwhelmingly committed to their employees, there's opportunity to convey their dedication to employees differently

Employees can use more guidance in achieving their professional goals

When organizations enable employees to find enrichment at work and in life, most employees are more dedicated and engaged.

Employers say:
"Providing employees with benefits designed to better balance their work and personal lives" is an important benefits strategy
Most employees feel dedicated to organizations that help them balance work and life

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